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holidays and ...

Vacanza e Pittura

L'Hotel Parigi, in collaborazione con la maestra d'arte Paola Panero, è lieto di presentare il Laboratorio artistico e Lezioni di pittura che si terranno presso la sala "Promenade" dell'Hotel, tutti i lunedi dalle 14.00 alle 15.30, GRATUITAMENTE per tutti i nostri ospiti.

Durante la lezione si eseguirà un disegno e lo si dipingerà utilizzando le basi della pittura ad olio: Mescolanze Sfumature Luci e Ombre

Sarà inoltre possibile prenotare una lezione di pittura avanzata, al costo di 10,00 € a persona. nelle giornate di mercoledi (h. 14.00- 15.30) e giovedi (h. 10.00-11.30), dove si eseguirà una riproduzione con l'utilizzo delle tecniche pittoriche Armonia Proporzione e Profondità prospettica.

A partire da lunedi 4 Aprile 2016

Info: Paola Panero

cell. 3483203909



La lezione si svolgerà anche domenica 24 Aprile, invece di lunedi 25 Aprile !

Holidays around Bordighera

The Hotel invites its guests to enjoy the area of Bordighera, through itineraries designed with attention to details: from Western Liguria to the Provence, from Mediterranean flavors to the atmosphere of the French Riviera.

Browse the file with suggested itineraries and request a quote.

Holiday and Fitness

The Hotel offers its guests the opportunity to stay in shape while on vacation.

Ask for information on the gym Dennis Universe, just 500 meters from the hotel;

You can use the equipment for body building and cardio machines or participate in group lessons: Tone up - Pilates - Stretching - Body Pump - Step - GAG - Cardio Dance.

The hotel offers its city-bike for the transfer to the gym.

Cycling Holidays

The Hotel Parigi **** offers the following facilities free of charge to all bike lovers:  
- Roofed bicycle-rack area;  
- Small workshop equipped with: pumps, workstands, washing and oiling equipment as well as general maintenance tools, shoe cabinet and bench;  
- Maps available with cross-country and urban cycling itineraries;
- Post-excursion refreshments available (cakes, snacks, sandwiches etc.); the restaurant can be made available after 2 p.m. (normal closing time) at 24 hours’ notice for groups of 10 or more people;  
- 5 full-size city-bikes and 4 children’s bikes available for our guests;  
- Partnership with a local cycle hire shop (approx. 3 km from hotel) offering competitive rates for top quality city and mountain bikes as well as repairs and accessories;  
- partnership with local gym well equipped for cardio training and weight-lifting.;  
- Possible Sunday group bike excursions.

Additional charged facilities:
- Guided mountain bike itineraries (GPS equipment included);  
- All facilities from the Maurice Mességué wellness centre located inside the hotel (warm sea water baths, whirlpool, massages and physiotherapy);  
- Internal laundry service for technical cycling gear.